JCRACING Rear Sponsons for Yamaha Waveblaster B1

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Billet Rear Sponsons.

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Add rear grip to your Waveblaster or any other ski with these rear sponsons. Incredible cornering while maintaining stability. CNC bent outward from the hull at a precise angle that through countless hours of testing time maximizes rear grip while minimizing rear lift in the turns.  Also NOW available straight for those who prefer it. Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum plate and includes all 316 stainless steel hardware. Finally a set of “blade-style” sponsons available now, order your set today. Comes with the set of sponsons and hardware. Specifically designed for the Waveblaster and utilizes the existing 2 holes in the rear for easy installation.  Alternatively, you can remove the 2 dowel pins and spacer plate and mid-mount these sponsons wherever you want on whatever ski you want! A must have!

Please specify if you want the bent set or the straight set in the comments at checkout. If no comment is left, the bent set will be shipped by default.

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Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for JCRACING Rear Sponsons for Yamaha Waveblaster B1

  1. Norm Yee

    Had a chance to try these rear sponsons out on my Sport Spec Wave Blaster. You can really feel the difference when carving hard into the turns. Very predictable and you will have the confidence of not slipping out. Whether you race or rec ride, these sponsons will make your Wave Blaster more enjoyable to ride. Try a pair you will not be disappointed.

  2. Ricky Hinch

    I have a wb1 that I rec ride and race and have tried just about every combination for handling….. no sponsons, rear block style sponsons, prowatercraft front sponsons alone, these JC Racing rear sponsons alone and also these JC Racing rear sponsons + Prowatercraft Front sponsons. First off, the quality of these billet sponsons are 10/10. I couldn’t believe they could sell this at a profit with the level of machine work and time it would take to make them. With these sponsons alone, you can have more confidence in not sliding on hard turns. There were times when I ran no sponsons in races that the ski would want to walk & slide sideways on me…. whether that be caused from being in alot of propwash, crossing a wake while in a turn or sometimes sliding just for no reason. These sponsons help the ski ride on rails and still be able to lean over far. My past experience with block style rear sponsons were good but not as good as these blade style. I feel like the block style would hold the blaster more upright in turns and would bite TOO hard when cornering which scrubbed speed and also went from leaning over to back upright TOO quick which could cause you to highside. Now the ultimate handling combination I have found for my preference is to run the prowatercraft front sponsons with these blade style rear sponsons. The PWC fronts help pull the front of the ski around…. Just point and shoot where you want to go. When I ran the PWC fronts by themselves, on hard corners, the rear would want to swing around and spin out on me sometimes. So the PWC fronts + the blade style rear has been my absolute favorite combination! Smooth, choppy, popping in and out of the water while in a turn…. cannot get the blaster to slide. It just stays on rails the whole time and is very predictable. It does exactly what you want it to do in corners. Whether running these sponsons by themselves or in conjunction with the Prowatercraft front sponsons, either way you will be satisfied.

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